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Apartment building POD CHVALOVKOU

New apartment house will grow up in a location which belongs to cadastral unit Žebětín but because it is a continuation of urban neighborhood Brno-Bystrc it will use the services of this urban neighborhood.

Bystrc is a historical town, quarter and cadastral area and from 24th November 1990 with the name Brno-Bystrc also urban neighborhood of county borough of town Brno. It is situated on the north-west of Brno and its area 2724.16 hectars creates the biggest quarter in cadastral area of Brno.

There are a lot of recreation object placed – Brno dam, Zoo, Relaxation valley, vast Podkomorské woods with area of A May Fairy Tale (including Helen's and Ríša well), Veveří Castle. On the Brno dam a very important international fireworks competition Ignis Brunensis takes place every year which attracts thousands of Brno inhabitants.

All Bystrc is divided in three parts – so called Bystrc I with Old Bystrc is an original village around the church of st. John by the river Svratka and the oldest block of flats to so called German highway; Bystrc II is the newest block of flats in the west of German highway to the tram loop Bystrc-Ečerova. Building-up of block of flats Bystrc II/A will cover Kamechy behind block of flats built up in 1990 in the direction to Žebětín.

Public Transport

Transport POD CHVALOVKOU is provided by the bus number 52 which goes from Bystrc ZOO through Kamechy and Žebětín to Mendel square and back. About 700 metres from the building site there is a tram loop Bystrc-Ečnerova. Trams numbers 1 and 3 lead to this loop. Night connection is provided by the bus number 98. In a few year's time the tram loop shout end up POD CHVALOVKOU.

Timetables of individual lines

  • bus number 52
  • bus number 98
  • tram number 11
  • tram number 13

Planned amenities

  • day care house
  • kindergarten
  • health centre
  • primary school
  • chapel


  • Kindergarten Duha, Kachlíkova 21
  • Kindergarten Laštůvkova 57/59
  • Kindergarten Zvídálek, Kachlíkova 17
  • Primary school and kindergarten Pramínek, Heyrovského 13
  • Kindergarten SLUNÍČKO
  • Primary school, Laštůvkova 77
  • Primary school, Heyrovského 32
  • Primary school, Vejrostova 1
  • Private primary art school Mgr. Radmily Chmelové, Ondrouškova 10
  • Spanish grammar school Vejrostova 2

Municipal office Brno-Bystrc

Post office

  • Kubíčkova 1115/8 Brno Bystrc
  • tel.: 546 220 527
  • Mo-Fri: 08:00 - 18:00

Events in Bystrc

  • Zoo
  • International fireworks competition Ignis Brunensis
  • Bystrc feast
  • MISS dam
  • Czech challenge-cup of dragon ships and competition of unregistered company and club crews
  • Social centre Bystrc, Odbojářská 2 holds a lot of social and cultural events eg. Chess championship "Challege- cup of Bystrc town hall", Brno plenér 2008 – sculpture symposium, Scene magic – oil J. Langera and P. Bernard
  • BYSTRCKÝ SCUK – funny afternoon and evening

Local companies and shops

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