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Standard apartments' design


  • bathroom – ceramic tilling 25/33 cm up to the jamb – c. 2.1 m
  • toilette – ceramic tilling 25/33 cm up to the hight 1.32 m


  • habitable rooms – floating floor lamino 7 mm, loading 31, including skirting-boards UMS and insulation Mirelon
  • kitchen corner – floating floor lamino 7 mm, loading 31, including skirting- boards UMS and insulation Mirelon
  • hall, cloak-room – ceramic paving, diagonal laying
  • toilette and bathroom – all floor paving, diagonal laying

Bathroom and toilette equipment

  • plastic bath 170x70x45 cm including water seal and legs
  • shower bath 90, cast marble tray, if included in the project
  • washbasin 60 cm including water seal
  • washbasin lever mixer with chrome outlet
  • bath (shower) wall mixer 150 mm including shower set
  • suspension toilette, horizontal water outlet including toilette seat
  • toilette flush for suspension toilette – Grohe Uniset including a set for noise minimizing


  • plastic pipe system, hot and cold water
  • in the bathroom there is a water outlet for washing machine, washing machine concealed water seal
  • in the kitchen there is a water supply for dishwasher
  • terrace: water supply for cold water (not for balconies)

Opening filling

  • Windows – plastic profile system (5-chamber profile with galvanized steel reinforcement, insulating double-glazing unit with warm stainless steel frame 4-16-4, U=1.1
  • terrace entrances – opening plastic balcony door
  • entrance door – beech/beech foil finish, fire protection in door frame, safety door fitting Rostex
  • Interior doors – plain – solid, beech foil, including door fitting Cobra Milena
  • to living room form 2/3 glassed, beech foil, including door fitting Cobra Milena
  • Interior door frame – beech foil


  • heating by plate radiator Koralux RADIK, in the bathrooms radiators Koralux Linear of Thermaltrend (colour white)
  • measuring of heat consumption for individual apartments
  • heat supply and TUV – through apartment house station in each apartment

Wiring system

Power current

  • distributior for each apartment is individual and placed in the entrance of the apartment. Individual electrometer. Legrand-Valena sockets. White switches Legrand-Valena
  • apartment tension distribution with copper conductions, concealed wiring 230 V, 400 V in the kitchen unit.
  • idividual inlet for the washing machine in the bathroom and for the dishwasher in the kitchen.
  • above the desktop of the kitchen unit, there will be two double frames, outlet for light and digestor
  • terrace 1 socket 230V, outlet for the light (not for balconies)
  • lights in the hall, bathroom and toilette and cloak-room are included in the supply.

Weak current

  • each apartment is equipped with housephone with electric door-opener by the entrance to the apartment. In the building there will be tubing for fixed phone line, cable TV
  • In the apartment there will be functional socket for STA access.

Information for the clients

The seller stipulates the right to replace the product mentioned in the standard with other product in the same quality. The reason can be the elimination of the product from the manufacturing or change of the price by the supplier. In the case there will be a change to the standard equipment of the apartment according to the buyer's requirement, the purchase price of the equipment will be deducted.

Realization standard of the building and the apartments

Supporting structure

  • foundation of the building – strip concrete-steel foundation
  • enclosure walls – ceramic bricks Klimablock thickness 440 mm, bearing walls between the apartments – ceramic bricks Klimablock thickness 240 mm AKU, separating walls – ceramic bricks thickness 115 mm
  • ceiling construction – concrete-steel monolithic in the constructions overreaching the frontside of the facade(balconies) will be placed parts preventing heat bridge.
  • staircase – concrete-steel monolithic, acoustically separated from neighbouring constructions.

Water isolation

  • lower – asphalt straps, if needed anti-radon
  • terraces – welded PVC foil
  • balconies – insulating AB straps
  • roof – welded PVC foils

Thermal insulation

  • garage and lower basement soffits under apartments – mineral cotton min. 80 mm
  • roof, terraces above apartments – expanded polystyrene 180 mm

Floor construction

  • garages – machine-glazed steel wire concrete
  • apartments, other common rooms – anhydrite screed, looking like floating floor, separated from other constructions by mineral impact insulation, on the building line by mirelon thickness min 5mm

Interior wall finish

  • garages, lower basements, technical rooms, channels etc. - fair-face concrete ₊ painting, on the masonry one layer plaster + painting
  • halls, staircases, landings – stuke + painting
  • apartments – stuke + painting. Corners filled with concealed metal, around windows and balcony doors APU ledges
  • bathrooms – ceramic tiling up to the height c. 2200 mm, on the corners white plastic strips
  • toilette - dtto bathrooms, up to the height c. 1300 mm
  • doors to sanitary cabins komaxit white 600/60
  • paints – white, wear resistant

Outer wall finish

  • mansory – plaster, netting + glue, mineral plaster
  • fair- face concrete – facade coating

Floor finish

  • garages, lower basements by the parking places – machine glazed steel-wire concrete
  • halls, staircases, lower basements – ceramic tiling with sintering potsherd
  • balconies – ceramic tiling sintered, frostproof
  • terraces – concrete pavement
  • apartments – habitable rooms including kitchen corners – laminate floor; toilette, bathroom, hall, cloak-room – ceramic tailing diagonal laying
  • passages - tiling-lamino – crossover moulding, by the entrance door to the apartments door-step

Windows, balcony door

  • plastic profiles 5-chamber
  • glass 1.1 W/m2k
  • interior window sill – white MDF
  • outer window sill – komaxit, systematic


  • entrance door to the building – aluminum profiles, outer glass Connex
  • interior non-residential rooms – plain solid door, if needed fire-stopping, door fitting
  • entrance door to the apartment – plain, solid, fire-stopping, door fitting Rostex
  • interior apartment doors – foil to door-case, toilette, bathroom – door fitting, toilette door lock, habitable rooms – door fitting, chubb key. In the rooms without natural or power ventilation there will be a cowl vent grill installed.

Garage door

  • section, electrical drive, 1x remote control for the owner of the parking place.

Sanitary equipment

  • water distribution – plastic water main
  • downpipe “quiet” double casted
  • measurement of cold water consumption in sanitary unit
  • outlet for cold water to the terrace (not for balconies)


  • white washbasin, width 600 mm, water seal chrome-plated plastic, lever mixer with chrome outlet
  • bath – plastic 170/70, lever wall mixer chrome
  • shower bath 90, cast marble tray, lever wall mixer chrome (if included in the project)
  • toilette – suspension, toilette flush Grohe Uniset


  • apartment house station
  • measurement of heat consumption in sanitary unit
  • plate radiators VK, thermostatic head, white colour
  • in the bathrooms ladder radiator, white
  • distribution of heating water – common rooms, ascending steel pipe with isolation, apartments – plastic pipe with isolation in the floor

Air conditioning

  • toilette and bathrooms ventilators on individual switch
  • preparation for digestor with outlet including clack valve

Wiring system

  • distribution Cu current leads
  • individual consumption measurement - apartment including lower basement, common rooms, commercial rooms
  • apartments power current - apartment power panel above entrance door, reserve for over-voltage protection, ending parts Valena -Legrand; toilette, bathroom, hall, lower basement – light (without possibility for change)
  • outlet for the light on the terrace 1x + socket 230 V (1x) - not in the case of balcony
  • kitchen unit 400 V cooker – individual protection, socket dishwasher – individual protection, 2x double socket above working place – individual protection, outlet for digestor
  • sockets see project
  • weak current - fixed line connection by the entrance to the apartment, to one room STA, to the same place pipe for cable TV finished with cover, house phone with electric door-opener

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